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-Intel GPU (Graphics Processor) with old drivers does not render 3D graphics properly.

Older Intel GPU (graphics chips) are notorious for not rendering OpenGL properly, so you have to update the driver. If you fire up AgentCubes and strange graphics things are happening, you probably need to update the driver.
If you do not know what graphics chip you have, you can fire up AgentCubes, and the first screen does a hardware test and will tell you. Start up AgentCubes and the screen with the rotating cubes has your hardware information on it.
To update your video driver, go to the Intel website and find the latest driver. Follow download and installation instructions. To find the newest drivers, please go to the *Intel Driver Update Center: here you can find what you need, and follow the installation instruction. AgentCubes should render properly once this is done.

-Hardware Requirements for AgentCubes

AgentCubes for Mac

OS X 10.6 or higher
Intel Processor
2GB RAM or higher
150 MB available HD space

AgentCubes for PC

Windows 7 (Vista not supported, XP not supported)
Intel pentium 4 1.3 GHz or better
2 GB RAM or higher
150 MB available HD Space
dedicated video card (e.g. NVIDIA or ATI)

- You know you're in AgentCubes Lite when...

AgentCubes runs in a Free Downloadable Lite Mode when no Registration Key has been purchased or entered.
You know you're running in Lite Mode when many of the Actions and Conditions are greyed out and will not respond when you click on them.
If you would like to run a fully-functioning version of AgentCubes, *purchase a key, and enter it when prompted as AgentCubes is starting.

- How can I add agents in the z-plane with the multi agent insert tool?

Normally when you click and drag with with the multi agent insert tool, it will add agents in the x-y plane as you drag.  If you hold down the shift key while dragging the mouse up or down, it will add or remove stacks of agents to the z plane. 

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