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Next to condition.png

Next to expanded.png

Definition: True if there is a certain number of agents adjacent to me. Only check the 8 immediatly adjacent agents around me. 

comparatormathematical operator
numberhow many (may be a number or VAT formula)
shapewhat shape layer: which layer to search for the target agent


nextTo (>=, 2, ghost) means: are there 2 or more ghosts immediatly adjacent to me?

The Particle agent in the Accretion 3D project checks if it is next to at least one stationery Particle in the same layer or in the layers above (+1) or below (-1). If so, it changes itself to be a stationery Particle, increments a count and maps its color to a shade, based on the current count of stationery particles. Next to condition example.png

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