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Game inspired by the Q*bert arcade video game developed by Cottlieb in the 80s. Our version uses Collaborative Diffusion for the "snakes" to track Cube-bert.


Try to get Cube-Bert to visit all the red cubes to turn them into blue before the snakes (that look like Pacman's ghosts) get him. Beware, you can fall off the world!


Use the following keys on your keyboard's number pad to control Cube-bert. On Windows, be sure you do not have your NumLock on:

  • 7: move up and to the left (as you are looking at the current world)
  • 9: move up and to the right
  • 1: move down and to the left
  • 3: move down and to the right

Explorations and Extensions

  • Change the speed with which the "snakes" move or the speed with which the Cube-bert's presence diffuses on the cubes, to try to make the game easier or harder to play.
  • Implement different obstacles and enemies and place them in the world