Tumble Design

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Tumble is a demo of massively parallel animation. It includes random movement and rotation to illustrate AgentCubes animation capabilities. It also shows how even very small programs when executed in parallel can do amazing things. For instance, this project has a grand total of one rule with 2 actions.


  • Run the various worlds which contain different numbers of agents. AgentCubes' Parallel Time-Jump animation approach allows any number of agents to animate in parallel without the overhead of sequential animation.
  • Slow down or speed up the animation with the animation speed slider at the top right of the project window.
  • To further explore animation options, switch the animation parameter of the move-random action of the Agent from "accelerated" to "constant". What do you observe?
  • If you can take a roller coaster ride try this: select a cube and enter first person view then run. Enjoy!