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Welcome to the AgentCubes Wiki. Our mission was to build the worlds easiest to use 3D game design & programming tool. Do existing 3D tools look too daunting? You don’t have a programming background? No problem! Create amazing 3D shapes, build sophisticated 3D worlds, rule these worlds through programming and share them instantly as HTML5 web apps (no Java, no Flash, no plug-in required).

Creativity3D is based on 3 revolutionary innovations funded by the National Science Foundation:

  1. Inflatable Icons: Draw 2D images and turn them into beautiful 3D shapes with the patented inflatable icon process.
  2. Gentle Slope 3D: Develop advanced spatial reasoning skills by starting with the creation of 2D worlds and gradually turn them into sophisticated 3D.
  3. Conversational Programming: Go beyond drag and drop programming by using the power of the computer to help you to write working programs.



NSF logo.jpg
  • AgentCubes has been funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant Numbers IIP 0712571 and IIP-0848962. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.
  • AgentSheets Inc. wishes to thank
    • Christopher Lloyd: Cocotron creator, an open source Objective-C API similar to Apple's Cocoa. He has been invaluable in getting AgentCubes to run on Windows, by extending his Cocotron implementation to meet our needs.
    • All the dedicated testers and project/inflatable icon contributors:
      • Fred Gluck: instructor at Science Discovery
      • Tim Henderson: past intern at AgentSheets Inc. and now student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
      • Tucker Matous: middle school student at Centennial Middle School
      • Derek Palmer: intern at AgentSheets Inc.
    • The University of Colorado evaluation team that assessed the pilot uses of AgentCubes in classes:
      • Dr. David Webb, Assistant Professor at the School of Education
      • Krista Marshall and Sarah Roberts, graduate students at the School of Education
    • Promotional Video Production
      • Isla Schanuel, graduate student at the University of Colorado, Atlas video
    • Pioneer teachers that piloted AgentCubes in their classes
      • Burke Taft, teacher at Centennial Middle School, Boulder, CO (now retired)
      • Jason Reub, teacher at East Junior High School, Rock Springs, WY
    • Project Contributors:
      • Jacopo Malnati: co-creator of Traffic Sim project
      • Marco Primi: co-creator of Traffic Sim project
    • Inflatable Icon Contributors:
      • Patrick Enrique Vargas: student at the University of Colorado at Boulder
      • Hunter Stevenson: student at the University of Colorado at Boulder
      • Margaret Katherine McNulty: student at the University of Colorado at Boulder
    • Texture Contributors: