Fence The Bunnies Design

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Fence the bunnies.png

Game created by Lorenzo Repenning using collaborative diffusion for the bunny to find the targets.


Place boxes to fence the bunnies in and prevent them from reaching the striped target. Note that each time you place a box the bunnies move two spaces.


  • Click (using the hand tool) on a grass location to place a box that blocks the bunny.
  • Using the drawing tool to place boxes does not work.
  • If the game appears as if it's not working, run the world for a few seconds then stop it and keep it stopped. The diffusion needs to propagate for the bunny to be able to find its way to the targets. This also applies for making new levels before saving them.

Explorations and Extensions

  • Win level 7. It's pretty challenging!
  • Create different levels